Office for the day: MWAA


By: Daniel Zevallos, Intern

Recently we had the opportunity to work with the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) on their re-branding campaign. Our mission was to create a video that captured the hardworking and welcoming airport employees who enhance the traveler’s experience at both Ronald Reagan National and Dulles International airports. 

How long did this project take, start to finish?

Pre-production took about a week. We actually had to change the production dates because of a hurricane passing through the area. Although it did not hit DC as hard as expected, we postponed as a precaution. Afterwards, the production process took three full days. We filmed at both Reagan National Airport and Dulles International which made the schedule a bit tight. In those three days we shot interviews with MWAA’s executives and captured b-roll of the airports. Post production took about two weeks when all was said and done.

What was the most challenging aspect of this project?

Dealing with people for sure. Most, if not all of the people who were part of the production had no acting experience. For many it was their first time on camera. Fortunately, our producer Kelly Phipps was exceptional at creating a comfortable environment. She made everyone laugh, which made people very relaxed before every take.

Did you run into problems along the way? How did you deal with them?  

The biggest difficulty we had was lighting the interviews. The space was incredible but had 50-foot high windows. Although natural lighting is great, it’s a source that constantly changes.  To balance the setting out and have the most beautiful lighting for our subjects, we used a book light set up through a silk. With the additional help of two Jokers 5600 and a couple of Kino Flo Diva’s, our team got the job done.