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Field Photography for Digital Campaigns

Field Photography for Digital Campaigns


About the Workshop

In this 2-day photography workshop, students will learn how to create impactful images to support digital campaigns. Through hands-on instruction, students will learn to create quality still images regardless of the tools in their kit. This workshop covers the foundational elements, such as how to work with light, direct and engage with subjects, and tell a story through images. 

Throughout this workshop, we’ll also discuss how art and strategy meet in the context of social media campaigns, from conceptualization to execution, along with getting your imagery in front of the right audience.

This workshop covers:

  • Finding light in tough conditions

  • Framing and composition

  • Creating a connection with models

  • Asking for consent to photograph

  • Directing people on camera

  • Storytelling with empathy 

  • Executing concepts

  • Sequencing images

  • Social media photo strategy

  • Reaching your target audience

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